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Set up an IT company in Russia

Set up an IT company in Russia

As part of the overall economic growth, the IT industry in Russia is attractive and reliable, as there have been numerous investments made in this significant field. Businessmen can open IT companies in Russia and can offer varied internet and communication services for companies in the country. In regards to the legislation and the important requirements to reflect on, our company formation specialists in Russia can offer assistance for any entrepreneur concerned with opening an IT company in Russia.

Main requirements for setting up an IT company in Russia

A suitable business form for your IT company in Russia is the limited liability company which can be set up for a minimum share capital of RUB 10,000 (approximately $170). At least one shareholder can register an LLC in Russia and there is no exception for businesses activating in the technology sector. One should also consider obtaining special licenses and permits for the IT company in Russia, in compliance with the Federal Law which regulates the licensing system in the country. In matters of documents preparation, you may address for support to our Russian specialists in company incorporation. Having less bureaucracy linked to the company formation process in Russia, one can easily establish a company in the IT field.

The main benefits of opening an IT company in Russia

IT companies in Russia established by foreign entrepreneurs whether as branches or new businesses can be successful as there are numerous demands in varied sectors. Providing the essential equipment and technical support are among activities of such company for other firms in Russia. As it is known, complete IT support which relates with help in software and hardware purchase among many others is necessary for any kind of business: small, medium or large. Both experienced or young entrepreneurs, who have decided for opening companies in the IT field, can benefit from numerous tax advantages offered for foreign investors and they can rely on the skilled workforce in Russia.

In addition to the rules and conditions linked to an IT company registration, you are invited to contact our team of company formation representatives in Russia for comprehensive information and assistance.