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Open a Sole Proprietorship in Russia

Open a Sole Proprietorship in Russia

sole proprietorship in Russia represents the simplest and the most flexible type of legal entity that investors can set up in this country. The sole proprietorship is designed for businessmen who want to start a small commercial activity in which the investor is self-employed. The taxation system for sole proprietorships in Russia is different from the one applicable to other types of legal structures, even if the entity is designed for commercial activities. Those who want to open a company as a sole trader can receive legal advice from our company formation representatives in Russia

Requirements for sole proprietorships in Russia 

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Russia as a sole trader will need to perform a set of legal steps in order to register this type of entity here. Firstly, the businessmen will need to obtain the Russian residency to be legally allowed to open a sole proprietorship, on which our team of company registration agents in Russia can provide legal representation. 

Only after this aspect is completed, the foreign businessmen will be able tostart the procedure of company registration in Russia, which will require defining a commercial activity that will be carried out through the sole traderCompanies registered as sole traders can develop a wide set of commercial activities, which can be consulted at the Government of the Russian Federation

Documentation for sole traders in Russia  

The company formation in Russia for a sole trader requires a set of documents that have to be provided for authorization. The businessmen will need to submit the Form R21001, which will testify the registration as an individual entrepreneur. In the situation in which the investor will personally submit the registration documents, he or she will not need to testify such documents in front of a public notary in Russia

The investor will need to provide the following documents: 

  • • a copy of the document testifying the nationality of the applicant;
  • • a copy of the document attesting the residency in Russia;
  • • an official document providing information on the official address at which the applicant lives in Russia;
  • • a proof on the payment of the state duty;
  • • a document on the criminal record of the applicant. 

Do I need to open a settlement account?

Yes, it is recommended to set up a settlement account through which a sole trader can pay taxes, have non-cash transfers, pay social contributions or accept money transfers from other companies. The settlement bank account is normally the business bank account which is different for the personal one. It is important to pay attention to the bank accounts you use in the firm, in order to align with the tax requirements and avoid being overtaxed. In-depth assistance and information can be offered by our team of company formation representatives in Russia in charge of your business registration in Russia.

Do I need full-time residence to open a sole proprietorship?

Yes, investors from abroad should pay attention to the conditions for obtaining the full-time residence in Russia, the needed document for establishing the activities as a sole trader in this country. The address of residency is normally confirmed by foreigners with an identification document showing the domicile in the chosen city for business.

Types of activities as sole traders in Russia

The scope of business is normally the first thing to establish when deciding on a sole proprietorship in Russia. Healthcare, youth sport, social care, arts, culture, education, social protection and any activities involving the development of minors are among the areas of activities a sole trader can choose, with the approvals of the Russian government. 

Do I need to translate the documents?

Yes, investors from abroad will have to pay attention to the requirements in matters of documents and bear in mind that they must be translated and notarized before they are submitted for registration.

How much does it take to register as a sole trader in Russia?

It takes around 5 days from the date the paperwork has been submitted for the authorities to give an answer in your case. If everything is in order and if the business conditions have been respected, all the documents will be registered and the sole proprietorship can start the activities. Being a one-stop-shop procedure, the formalities are not complex and foreign entrepreneurs can enjoy the lack of harsh bureaucracies and immediately start the business. In this step, the tax certificate, the extract from the Common State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs in Russia and the state registration certificate showing the entrepreneur can act as a sole trader will be issued by the registration authorities through the local offices. Because the registration is also available on the internet, the future sole traders can receive the documents to the business address. We remind that foreigners can get in touch with our team and solicit assistance for opening a sole proprietorship and skip any possible misunderstandings in terms of language and documents.

Post registration steps for sole traders in Russia

The certificate of registration is the necessary document which needs to be presented when opening a bank account in Russia. The following aspects refer to the post registration steps you need to keep in mind as a sole trader in Russia:

1. The tax authorities will have to be informed about the bank account for your business.

2. There is no obligation to make a seal, however, you should consider this aspect.

3. Registering for social contributions should be the next thing to do.

4. Hiring an accountant for your business is recommended for sole traders in Russia.

There are no complex registration cases of foreign sole traders in Russia, however, it is important to start with the full-time residence and its validity.

The benefits of setting up a sole trader in Russia

Russia is without any doubt an appealing business hub for international players and for those looking to thrive through business in the Eastern part of Europe or Northern Asia. The recent governmental business policies encourage the ease of doing business as a foreign entrepreneur in Russia and allow sole traders to establish their activities in most of the sectors. It takes only a few steps to transform from a sole proprietorship into a small company in Russia, taking advantage of varied tax exemptions, experienced workforce and lots of possibilities. It is good to know that sole proprietors in Russia do not need to pay taxes until 2020. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Kazan or Vladivostok are among the large cities in Russia and top business destination for numerous entrepreneurs from overseas. In terms of business registration, the formalities have been recently simplified, the government looking to attract foreign investors as much as possible by providing a respectable investment climate. 

We invite businessmen to contact our team of company registration consultants in Russia for more details on the registration of a sole proprietorship, as well as on the taxation matters related to this type of legal structure.