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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Russia

Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Russia

There are no special requirements for registering a cryptocurrency company in Russia, and the rules are the same as for setting up a normal company. However, it is a good idea to contact one of our company formation agents in Russia to simplify the registration procedure, and also to obtain a crypto exchange license in Russia more easily.

How to set up a cryptocurrency company in Russia

As we mentioned above, there is no specific regulation for the development of virtual currency in Russia. However, the registration of a company in this field must be done in compliance with the Russian Company Act, as well as the rules related to financial activities. Let’s review some of the formalities for the Russian cryptocurrency company:

  • • A limited liability company or OOO is the most agreed structure for business development in Russia.
  • • Articles of Association are important documents for setting up a business in Russia.
  • • Once the company name has been verified, it is reserved.
  • • The company’s representative must consider its registration for the payment of taxes. VAT and corporate tax are the most important taxes in Russia.
  • • Before starting operations it is necessary to apply for a crypto exchange license in Russia. we can help you open a cryptocurrency company in Russia.

Therefore, these are some of the formalities related to Russian cryptocurrency company registration. This process can be supervised by our team of company formation specialists in Russia who can handle documents and other requirements. Please talk to us about how to open a cryptocurrency company in Russia.

If Russia is the country where you want to carry out your activities, we recommend that you also use the specialized services of our accountants in Russia. Payroll, bookkeeping and submission of annual financial statements are among the most important procedures necessary for the smooth running of a company. Therefore, contact our experts for in-depth support and guidance in this matter.

What can you do with a Russian cryptocurrency company?

If you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Russia you can implement virtual currency and offer the possibility of payment for varied products and services. Moreover, investing in cryptocurrency is long-lasting and secure. Here are some other benefits of the Russian cryptocurrency company, with the mention that our specialists can help you obtain a crypto exchange license in Russia:

  • • The costs for various transactions are significantly reduced. Intermediaries can be taken out of the equation when it comes to cryptocurrency transactions, and therefore, certain fees can be eliminated.
  • • Offering payment with cryptocurrencies brings confidence, reputation, and sales. Even though Russia is at the beginning of the road with virtual currency, the market is starting to grow rapidly.
  • • Cross-border transactions are much simplified due to cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency company in Russia may be involved in such transactions and may benefit from the fees paid. Talk to us about how to apply for a crypto exchange license in Russia.
  • • Cryptocurrency payments are therefore irreversible, a big plus for virtual currency creators.
  • • Privacy and protection come bundled with the use of cryptocurrency. Customers are protected regardless of the type of transaction used or the virtual currency adopted.

Therefore, the Russian cryptocurrency company is in the attention of investors due to the advantages presented above, plus many others. We remind you that first of all you need to obtain a crypto exchange license in Russia and then activate on the market with the newly established company. Call on us if you want to open a cryptocurrency company in Russia.

Investing in Russia

Although the current political context has led various investors to rethink their position in the Russian market, many international players find this country attractive. And to give you an idea of the investment direction, we present below some statistical data:

  1. In 2020, the total FDI recorded in Russia exceeded USD 447 billion.
  2. More than 24% of foreign investment in Russia has been directed at sectors such as mining and quarrying, followed by manufacturing.

Would you like to know more about how to open a cryptocurrency company in Russia? You are invited to contact our company formation agents in Russia and discover personalized offers.