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Gambling Activities in Russia

Gambling Activities in Russia

As of 2009, the gambling activities in Russia have been prohibited, according to the federal laws for gaming. However, regions like Kaliningrad, Primorsky, Sochi, and Altai are considered legal gambling zones in Russia where foreign investors can set up their casinos for gaming purposes. Knowing the specific requirements for opening a company in the gaming sector in Russia can help entrepreneurs start their activities in legal terms. Our company formation specialists in Russia are at your service with support and assistance in this matter.

What types of gaming activities can I set up in Russia?

According to the federal law in Russia, the following gaming activities are allowed in the above-mentioned regions in Russia:

  • • betting activities like sports betting or any other interactive bets;
  • • casino games which are controlled by the general rules for gaming;
  • • slot machines which need to be owned by the gaming organizer in Russia;
  • • bingo and lottery games can be met in Russian casinos;
  • • poker games and varied card game of chance.

Licenses for gambling activities in Russia

If you want to start a company in Russia and particularly in the gambling sector, you should observe the licensing requirements in this sense. The Federal Tax Service issues the necessary licenses for betting activities. An authorization issued by the regional authorities is mandatory for gambling activities in a casino in Russia.

Who can open a company for gaming activities in Russia?

company for gaming activities in Russia must be a legal entity permitted in the special gaming zones in this country and can be established by at least one shareholder who must have a clear criminal record, and particularly no financial crimes. It is good to know that each gaming zone is subject to specific rules and regulations like the Regional Administration Decrees for Altai, Kaliningrad, Sochi, and Primorsky respectively. A business in the gaming sector in Russia is identified through a tax number in this sense.

For more details about how to open a company for gaming activities please feel free to address to our consultants and contact us at any time.