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Selling Tobacco in Russia

Selling Tobacco in Russia

Russia respects the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control established in 2008 and the rules regarding the sale of cigarettes, advertising, packaging, and the smoking ban for certain indoor public places. In respect to the applicable laws in Russia, foreign entrepreneurs can set up companies for selling tobacco in Russia. We propose you to solicit assistance and information from our team of company incorporation specialists in Russia if you would like to sell tobacco products in Russia.

What are the laws that control the sale and use of tobacco products in Russia?

The primary set of laws that regulates the tobacco sale and use in Russia is the Federal Law no. 260 on Technical Regulations for Tobacco Products. When deciding for opening a tobacco company in Russia or a cigarette shop you should follow the rules and regulations as stated by the law:

  • •    the health warnings photos need to be placed on the cigarette packages;
  • •  packaging and labeling of cigarettes need to respect the Technical Regulations, the order 490N issued by the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development;
  • •    selling tobacco products to minors is strictly forbidden in Russia;
  • •    cigarette shops cannot be established near clinics, hospitals, and schools in Russia.

Tobacco sales in Russia account for millions of dollars on a yearly basis, which is why many entrepreneurs decide whether to establish a tobacco factory or cigarette shops in Russia. If you are a foreign investor who wants to start a business in Russia, you may talk to our company incorporation agents in Russia.

How can I establish my tobacco shop in Russia?

Business persons can establish an OOO in Russia, or limited liability companies as they are known, in order to commence the activities in the tobacco industry. This is a suitable business entity even for branches of tobacco companies from abroad.

What types of tobacco shops can I establish in Russia?

Selling tobacco products in Russia can be made by opening specific shops or kiosks in malls, airports or city centers. You can also import cigarettes or other tobacco products from the country of origins and sell them through a tobacco shop in Russia.

We invite you to contact our company formation representatives in Russia and find out more about how you can sell tobacco in Russia.